29 mayo, 2015


Con esta nota publicamos un avance de la nueva topografía de el Tobazo tras las exploraciones de los años anteriores. 

Por ahora no se publican los datos de espeleometría, ya que con los nuevas galerías descubiertas se están rehaciendo los cálculos.

Información publicada por Alfonso Gutiérrez (Presidente de Espeleo Minas)


El Tobazo cave is placed in the north of Spain, Cantabria (Valderrededible). This cave was explored in 70’s and 80’s by G.E.V (Speleological Group from Valladolid,Spain). They created a surveying that it hasn’t changed in forty years. In 2011 Espeleo Minas (from now E.M.), Speleological Group formed mostly by mining engineers, attempted to explore the final sump due to the huge stream that come out from this place and it is where the underground stream appear and throught the cave, so E.M. made the first attempt to dive the final sump in june of 2011 and it was a great successful because there was big and amazing underwater galleries. The results were astonishing.

In September 2011, E.M. made another attempt to explore at that time supported by CEFME (commission of speleodiving from speleological federation of Madrid). This expedition was successfully; as well all divers discover more aerial galleries beyond the final sump.

So, since 2011 to nowadays the first cave survey of el Tobazo cave has changed, mostly in a great number of galleries beyond the final sump (we named it first sump) and other second sump which can be by pass.

Last year E.M. has discovered another groups of galleries near the main entrance that it is the stream which take out the water from all the karst, even an unknown stream that we shall try to explore in 2015.